The Beginning 

I pray I have found my answer.

I do believe in Jesus, I am saved. My belief is that He is the way to eternal life.

But I struggle. I’m an addict and alcoholic. By the grace of God, I haven’t had a drink since 2014, or a pill since March. 

But I am still holding onto some things. I smoke, and I take Kratom, daily. During the darkest part of my addictions, I would tell my husband, I just want to make it through the day without depending on a substance. 

I’ve realized this past year, I’m a replacer. Alcohol replaced pills, then back to pills, then a maintaining pill, now Kratom. 

I want to be free.

Reformers Unanimous guarantees freedom to me, if I commit to the work. I’ve read somewhere, they claim a 94% success rate.

I have my beliefs and while I don’t know everything, my faith is not debatable for me. My entire purpose for this blog is to record my personal experience in the program. I’d love for you to send encouragements, but please don’t knock my faith. I wouldn’t dare knock yours.

In the background of my experience, I pray I’m successful. I pray that my success encourages another. I pray that more people find out about Reformers Unanimous.

I personally don’t understand why it’s not more popular. God knows it’s needed. 

I hope people will read, and maybe some will take this journey with me.

I’m very transparent, and you can be sure that I’ll give full honesty here. However, this is only my experience, my journey. I’m not here to say one bad thing about the program.

I highly respect the man that founded RU. I’ve watched many of his sermons, and he just oozes sincerity.

At this point, I’ve been to a handful of the meeting, and have tried out 2 different churches that host RU. I live in Georgia. I’m in the first workbook, and I’ve started the journaling they recommend. 

I am going to back up in the next blog, and tell what I remember and have experienced so far. The rest of my blogs will be current up to date progress on what I’ve paid, learned and seen.

If you’ve been in Reformers Unanimous, I’d truly love to hear from you.